Treatment Partners

Increasing Success – Treatment to Sober Living

We at David’s House know personally the value of transitioning directly from treatment to sober living. Without this “glide path” few of us would have succeeded. As such, we focus on “warm handoffs” with both our Treatment Partners and Judicial Partners throughout Colorado (and beyond) to increase the success of your clients in their pursuit of a new way of living.

If you work at a treatment center we would love to introduce you to our sober living communities. Please contact us to coordinate a tour or an onsite presentation at your facility.

Why David's House

David’s House is a community of several sober living residences in Metro Denver. Many of the houses are positioned to maximize access to public transportation and commercial centers throughout the Metro area. Each house is headed by a house manager and has rules and policies to both hold the residents accountable to each other and allow them to be their own independent adult.

We pride ourselves on maintaining clean, well appointed, and organized living spaces for our residents.  As well, each resident can generally expect to have their own full size bed and one roommate. You can familiarize yourself and your client with our expectations by reading our Obligations, House Rules, and Chores List.

Our Pedigree

David’s House is a proud member of the Colorado Association of Recovery Residences. Our residents are graduates of the following regional treatment facilities:

West Pines Behavioral Health
The Raleigh House of Hope
Parker Valley Hope
Stout Street Foundation
Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Red Rock Recovery Center
Spero Recovery Center

We provide the following free of charge:

1. Bedding;
2. Cookware;
3. Plates, cups and flatware;
4. Coffee;
5. Clothes washer and dryer;
6. Laundry detergent;
7. Household cleaning supplies;
8. Cable and Wi-Fi; and
9. Two days basic emergency food supply (if needed).

Clinically Directed and MAT Accepted

David’s House is headed by a Clinical Director who works with our residents to ensure that they can continue any prescribed therapies. We support MAT for our residents to assist in any counseling and behavioral therapies so as to provide a “whole patient” approach to addiction recovery.

Because of the work of our Clinical Director, we are proud to be one of the few sober living communities that works with your opioid and/or alcohol dependency medications. We allow, under some restrictions, prescribed dosing of opioid and alcohol medications as follows:

Allowed (MAT) Opioid Dependency Medications:

Allowed (MAT) Alcohol Dependency Medications:

If a particular medication does not appear on the above list, please contact us and we will consult with our Clinical Director.

Get Connected

If you work with a treatment facility, we would love to connect with you to tell you more about how we can help you and your clients! Contact us to get connected with our team and schedule a tour of our residences.