Your Obligations, House Rules, and Chore List


  1. Attend house meetings
  2.  Attend recovery meetings
  3.  Keep your room/space clean
  4.  Have a job
  5.  Obey curfew
  6.  Clean up after yourself

CHORE LIST (Each Resident Gets One)

  1. Vacuum
  2. Mop Floors
  3. Kitchen weekly deep clean
  4. Take out garbage
  5. Laundry room/bathroom weekly deep clean
  6. Dusting
  7. Clean outdoor area
  8. Mow lawn
  9. Rake leaves
  10. Shovel snow
    Note this is a general list and chores may vary by location.


  1. No use of alcohol or drugs in or around the residence.
  2. No possession of alcohol or drugs in or around the residence.
  3. No gambling.
  4. No violence.
  5. No threats.
  6. No intimidation.
  7. No bullying.
  8. No damage to property.
  1. No stealing (including borrowing without permission).
  2. No lying.
  3. No pets.
  4. No entry into other people’s bedrooms.
  5. No girlfriends/boyfriends in bedrooms.
  6. Bedrooms must always be clean, sanitary, and orderly.
  7. Chores must be done by the weekly deadline.
  8. Common Area volume is lowered at 11pm (but earlier if decided by House Manager).