About David’s House

What is sober living?

Sober living is a residential environment where individuals recovering from addiction to alcohol and drugs can live in community with like-minded housemates. To that end, the residence is alcohol and drug free and each house member participates in its upkeep and operation. As housemates, they support each other in recovery and hold each other accountable in attending to daily chores and obligations.

What is David’s House?

Located in the Greater Denver Metro Area, David’s House is headed by a clinical director, and all of our staff and house managers have recovered from either alcohol or drug addiction. As such, you will be surrounded by recovered brothers and sisters who “get it”.

We believe that sober living is a vital stage in the recovery of an individual from addiction, and that safety, accountability, cleanliness, and honesty are cornerstones to sober living and recovery. As such, we provide residences designed to combat the isolation that feeds addiction and leads to relapse.

Our residents not only share responsibilities in our sober living homes, but also provide vitally important emotional support and encouragement to each other. By actively fostering a community of housemates, such support comes naturally and spontaneously.

The goal of David’s House is to foster strength, courage, and life skills so that, after leaving, you are able to live in hope and freedom with active addiction firmly in your past.

How it works

If you choose to enter David’s House, you will go through a brief intake process which will included a drug test and review of Your Obligations, House Rules, and Chore List. While you can test positive for drugs or alcohol and still be admitted to David’ House, you cannot be high or drunk at your intake.

When you enter you get free access to:

Laundry detergent;
Dishes and flatware;
Pots and pans;
Storage space for your food; and
TV and WiFi.

When you enter you are expected to:

Complete your weekly household chore;
Attend house meetings;
Keep your room clean;
Clean up after your self;
Submit to random drug tests;
Comply with your curfew (11pm usually); and
Attend three recovery meetings per week (AA, NA, CA etc…).

Learn more about how David’s House works in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Prescriptions, MAT and Sober Living at David’s House

You can have your medical prescriptions at David’s House. We have an easy to follow lock box policy that keeps your medications secure and still readily available to you.

Additionally, David’s House is one of the few sober living residences that works with you and your opioid and/or alcohol dependency medications. In support of you we allow, under some restrictions, your prescribed dosing of:

Allowed (MAT) Opioid Dependency Medications:

Allowed (MAT) Alcohol Dependency Medications:

If your medication does not appear on the above list, please contact us and we will consult with our clinical director.

Get Started

We would love to talk to you about our services and residences. First, learn more about our rules and expectations. When you’re ready to open the conversation, get started!